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An ongoing series of informational entries about Effective Leadership and other areas of Organizational Excellence.

Our First Blog Entry - Effective Leaders

May 13, 2019

Effective Leaders don't tell others what to do.  They learn from others what they're capable of doing and support them in their quest for excellence.

Organizational Excellence

May 22, 2019

Organizational Excellence includes having clear, relevant, and easily understood position descriptions for every team member.

Leadership Excellence

May 25, 2019

As a leader, you may be captive to a rigid schedule with numerous meetings. However, Leadership Excellence is when you visit one-on-one with your leadership team members to learn and to provide timely, as-needed, coaching and support. This, along with your demonstrated integrity and trust, convey a terrific servant leadership model that positively impacts your leadership team as well as the organization’s culture.

Be sure to be there for your leadership team members and not simply rely on their professional development trainings to do the job.

Leadership Excellence

June 3, 2019

You demonstrate Leadership Excellence when you redirect employees to their immediate supervisor should they come to you with a concern, complaint, or issue. Your judgement will determine whether you need to follow-up with the supervisor or not. However, demonstrating transparency throughout such processes will ensure Integrity and Trust is maintained for all parties at all levels.   

Integrity in Leadership Excellence 

June 6, 2019

  • Interested in the success of others
  • Never uses others for personal gain
  • Trusted to be honest and fair
  • Ethical in all undertakings
  • Gives praise to others for their great qualities
  • Responds to criticism without anger, negativity, vindictiveness
  • Inspires others to be transparent without them being fearful
  • Truthfulness is always the standard
  • Yields to others’ expertise with respect and encouragement

Ongoing Personal Growth

June 17, 2019

Our ongoing personal growth is critical for sustained success in a changing world.  Be the inspiration to others by intentionally and continually seeking out excellent professional development opportunities. 

Avoid Leadership Bias

July 13, 2019

As a Leader, if you manipulate your leadership team’s decision-making process in favor of your own premeditated preferences, you’re demonstrating Leadership Bias. To avoid this, contribute to the discussion process with Integrity and lead a healthy, honest, and trusting process resulting in a supportive outcome from all leadership team members.

The Characteristics of Connection

July 31, 2019

Any message you try to convey must contain a piece of you. You can’t just deliver words. You can’t merely convey information. You need to be more than just a messenger. You must be the message you want to deliver. Otherwise, you won’t have credibility and you won’t connect.

John C. Maxwell, from his book titled, “Everyone Communicates Few Connect.”

Becoming a Virtuoso Leader

August 7, 2019

You can reshape your character. You can strengthen your character habits and, by so doing, improve your leadership skills and results.

Fred Kiel, from his book titled, “Return On Character: The Real Reason Leaders and Their Companies Win.”

Being a Role Model for Integrity

August 16, 2019

Think back to when you were around four years old and consider all those individuals throughout your life who helped to mold you into who you are today.  Maybe a father, a mother, your favorite teacher, a stranger, and the list goes on and on. Now, we have opportunities to pay back by doing the same.

Let's touch someone's life today and every day by helping them mold integrity into their own lives. 

As a Leader, what Legacy will you leave?

August 23, 2019

Listened to others intentionally - or - was always thinking about how to                     respond?

Encouraged your team members - or - criticized them?

Grew and led a culture of integrity - or - created a culture of distrust?

Acknowledged and cheered team members’ successes - or - downplayed                  their accomplishments?

Connected well with all leadership team members and others - or - was                      always distant and closed?

Yielded cheerfully to others’ expertise - or - shot them down even if only in                  subtle ways?

How you work with others today is on track to become your Legacy tomorrow.