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Welcome to Our "From Potential to Fulfillment" Offers 

Are you ready to make some changes in your life?  Maybe you'd like to go after a dream or a goal, but still have some unanswered questions?  Or, could you be having a difficult time on the job and you dread each day of work?  Whether it's a painful experience you'd like to change, or you wish to create a new life experience for yourself and others, even if you're not yet clear about what you'd like to do, let us come alongside to give support as you clarify,  create, and work toward realizing your dreams and goals.  We also work with organizations whose leadership is seeking to create a new vision and/or goals.

Our special package has been developed to serve you with our professional and trusted support to ensure you have a positive, memorable, and satisfying time as you work toward realizing your dreams and/or goals.  This total package provides the best pricing.  However, the individual offers presented below also allow you discounted pricing.  


Review the offers below, and then schedule a one-hour complimentary appointment to discuss your interests and the best package for you or your organization.  Click on the "Book Appointment" button immediately below.

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From Potential to Fulfillment 7-Day Challenge 

Included are 7 Live Recorded Training Sessions with Participant's Workbook, and a special live recorded presentation from our guest, Douglas Vermeeren, International Speaker, Author, and Film Maker.

Click here to review an introduction of the  7 Sessions

Unit cost for stand-alone "From Potential to Fulfillment 7-Day Challenge."


7 Virtual Mastermind Classes

These Virtual Mastermind Sessions will review Douglas Vermeeren's Film, "How Thoughts Become Things," and his Book, "Personal Power Mastery."  Mastermind Class outcomes will enable critical applications for inclusion on your journey From Potential to Fulfillment.


Unit cost for stand-alone Virtual Mastermind Classes.


Two Bonus Offers:

Both the film and book are free for those attending the Mastermind Sessions.

7 Thirty-minute Coaching Sessions

These Coaching sessions include a complimentary 1-hour orientation and a 1-hour debriefing when all sessions are completed.  The seven 30-minute sessions may be reconfigured into  three 1-hour sessions and one 30-minute session or other configurations as agreed.  

Unit cost for stand-alone seven 30-minute Coaching Sessions


Special Pricing

Your special price for the Three Combined Offerings above is $447, or $98.34 per month for 5 months Your Cash purchase represents a savings of $94.00 off an already discounted value.

An even better offer is available to a minimum of 5 persons who sign up from the same organization for a customized offering based on creating organizational goals/dreams and factoring in a confident execution process.  

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