As a member of the Blanchard Partner Network, we're pleased to share several training programs with you that have proven capability to further enhance excellence within your organization.  We invite you to review the offerings on this page and be in contact with us to arrange for a complimentary conversation and/or a series of complimentary meetings to identify your organization's performance needs and how they may be met.

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Program Offerings

Self Leadership

Self Leadership teaches individuals at all levels the mind-set and skill-set to proactively achieve their goals and produce organizational results. Our program is a 1-day workshop that helps individual contributors, managers, and senior leaders learn how to take control of their work lives and be successful using Situational Leadership® II and other key concepts. 

Leading Virtually

The Leading Virtually program recognizes there are lots of challenges to being a great virtual manager. The training design alternates between presentation of research-based learnings, interactive activities, and at-home application by focusing on specific tools, disciplines, and practices required for effective virtual leadership. It includes three 90-minute WebEx sessions with fieldwork and is designed to be presented in one day with 60 minutes between sessions. 

First-time Manager and Blanchard Management Essentials

Based on the #1 best-selling book The New One Minute Manager®, participants are introduced to the three secrets of successful managers: Goal Setting, Praising, and Redirecting. The program develops those secrets into a conversation framework that is easy for new managers to understand and master. We’ve also added a fourth conversation, Wrapping Up, which is needed to complete the core conversations and help first-time managers boost the engagement and autonomy of their people. 

The First-time manager program is targeted at employees recently promoted to a management position and those considering a transition into management. Blanchard Management Essentials focuses on leaders who haven’t attended formalized management training. Both programs are available as a 6-hour face-to-face workshop or three, 2-hour virtual sessions. 

Building Trust

Based on the Building Trust Model™, Blanchard’s Building Trust program teaches people how to build trust and, if it’s been broken, how to repair it. The half-day session focuses on helping individuals understand the impact of their behavior on building or eroding trust with their leaders and colleagues. 

Leading People Through Change®

Leading People Through Change® teaches leaders how to identify and address the typical stages of concern that employees go through, as well as how to use the appropriate strategy and behaviors to resolve the concerns. The model that is presented in this 1-day program can be applied to all types of change efforts, including mergers and acquisitions, business process re-engineering, sales force expansion, and technology implementations.

Challenging Conversations

The Challenging Conversations program covers all the most challenging, intense, and emotionally charged types of conversations. Using a flexible five-step model, participants use work examples to practice new skills in an energizing, interactive, and safe environment to build competence and commitment in preparing for and conducting challenging conversations.

Team Performance Concepts

Team Performance Concepts is a program based on several research-based models and strategies, including the Team Performance Process, a systematic method for increasing the effectiveness of any team. It has a 3.5-hour training design with options to expand it by incorporating additional skill building modules. 

Situational Front-line Leadership

The Situational Front-line Leadership program is based on our highly successful Situational Leadership® II Model. It shows front-line managers how to diagnose individual situations and employ core communications skills to partner for performance. Participants practice and use these skills in real time with their direct reports. The sessions can be conducted in a 2 or 3-day classroom experience or virtually. 

Goal Setting

The Goal Setting program is an engaging experience that provides participants with the skills needed to set effective and powerful goals. It is an innovative approach, integrating tried-an-trued techniques with the latest science of motivation. Participants learn to set SMART goals, but not in a traditional way.  Not only are people more likely to achieve the goals they set, but they will also find themselves with more energy and satisfaction in pursuing their goals. 

Giving Feedback

The Giving Feedback program focuses on giving feedback, a critical skill in coaching and developing others. Providing constructive feedback to others without damaging the relationship is a powerful ability. Giving Feedback offers a situational focus that helps leaders identify exactly the type of feedback that is most appropriate for the situation. The result is a comprehensive approach that teaches leaders how to deliver feedback in a way that improves performance, promotes trust and confidence, and increases productivity throughout an organization. 

DISCovering Self and Others

At the heart of this 1-day program is the cutting-edge DISC Profile Assessment, a powerful tool for people to use for understanding themselves. In the DISCovering Self portion of the program, participants learn to observe themselves objectively while receiving the tools and insight necessary to make sense of what they are learning. In the second part of the program, they will learn to apply these tools and insights to DISCovering Others—not in an attempt to label, but to understand, appreciate, and better respond to people.

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