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Student Self Leadership Virtual Program

This Student Self Leadership Virtual Program was developed from the successful leadership content taught by The Ken Blanchard Companies for over 40 years.  As your Program Facilitator and Lead Consultant with Moore Integrity Consulting, I am a certified Ken Blanchard Situational Leadership II Trainer, and look forward to visiting with you to share more about how we may work toward implementing this great Student Leadership Program for:

  • Your employees' high school and middle school students;
  • Students in a specific high school or middle school;
  • Students affiliated with a Home School Association;
  • Any other high school/middle school student group;
  • College students;
  • Or if you would like your organization to sponsor this program in a high school or middle school.

I'll be glad to meet with you to discuss how we may work together to provide this excellent leadership program to students. Click on the red button below to learn about the 5-Hour Virtual Program.  To view video clips, etc., click on the green button, and use the gray button to schedule an appointment.

Student Self Leadership

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